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Cat Behavior

When your cat's behavior is creating stress for you and your household, you need help from someone who "gets" cats. Karen is one of only three Certified Cat Behavior Consultants in New England. In addition to a strong foundation in the science of feline behavior, she brings the knowledge and experience of helping hundreds of cats and their families. 


Let's get started.

We start with an initial behavior consultation in your home (in-person or by video call) that lasts about an hour.   

During the behavior consultation, we will talk more about the issues you are experiencing with your cat. We will review your cat's medical and behavioral history, the cat's daily routine and yours, and discuss your concerns. The consultation also gives me the opportunity to meet your cat and assess the environment.

All initial behavior consultations include a written report that summarizes:

  • my observations and assessment 

  • recommendations for managing and/or resolving your cat’s undesirable behaviors, including ways that we can work together to accomplish your goals. 

  • opportunities for environmental modifications and enrichment 

  • additional resources as applicable

​If you choose to proceed with a behavior modification package, the cost of the behavior consultation will be applied to the package price (below).  


Why Can't We Be Friends

You had two (or more) cats who got along well but then something happened.
One of them went to the vet for a procedure and when he came home, the other cat attacked him.  A loud noise startled both cats and one cat attacked the other. Or maybe you have no idea why your cats are suddenly fighting. ​I can help you restore harmony in your household.


This package is also perfect for introducing a new cat to an existing pet in the household. 


  • Initial behavior consultation (in-person or video call)

  • Written plan for (re)introducing your cats, including list of materials you will need and resources. 

  • Four additional coaching sessions (30-45 mins each) over the course of four weeks to help you reintegrate your cats  (in-person or video call) 

  • Email, video feedback, and text support between sessions


Good sized box.png

Think Inside the Box

Is your cat spraying or having “accidents” outside of the litter box? There are many reasons that cat may not be choosing to use their litter box. Together we will figure out the reason why your cat is avoiding the litterbox and come up with practical solutions to get your cat get back in it! 


  • Initial behavior consultation (in-person or video call)

  • Written recommendations for immediate implementation

  • Weekly progress and trouble-shooting calls (phone or video) for up to four weeks

  • Email/text support  for four weeks from date of initial behavior consultation



Scaredy Cats

Do you have a cat that hides from you or that you can't pet? Working with shy, fearful and under-socialized cats is one of my areas of expertise. With patience and compassion, you can help your cat become more trusting and social.  

This package will help you understand your cat's fearful behavior. I will coach you through exercises to help your cat understand that he/she does not need to be afraid. We will work at your cat's pace to improve the chance of long-term success.  


Every cat is different, so this package is customized depending on your cat’s specific needs. In order to set you and your cat up for success, we begin with a minimum of four sessions. Based on our conversation and your stated goals during the initial consultation,  I will provide more specific recommendations.


  • Initial behavior consultation (in-person or video call)

  • Written recommendations for immediate implementation

  • Weekly trouble-shooting and coaching video calls for the duration of the package** 

  • Email/text support  for the duration of the package


**This process is most successfully done via video call sessions so that my presence does not further frighten the cat.

PACKAGE PRICE:  Begins at $550 


Customized Packages

Following an initial behavior consultation, I can help you manage other cat behaviors that are may be causing the humans in the home some problems. 


Some of these challenging behaviors include:

  • vocalizing at night or pawing at you in your sleep

  • biting the hand that pets them 

  • scratching furniture, walls, rugs

  • jumping on counters

  • pouncing at your legs when you walk by

For these issues, I will customize a package (or recommend a single session) based on the extent of the behavior, the environment, and your ability to manage the situation and implement training with your cat.

Pricing for customized packages will be determined by the number of sessions agreed upon. 



Single Sessions

Single sessions are appropriate for some cat behavior issues. They can also supplement packages. Single sessions are available in-person or via video call and typically last approximately 30-60 minutes.  

Single session, stand alone: $120/HR  

(Note: This is not a full consultation and does not include a written report)

Consultation or package follow-up sessions:  $100/HR

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