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Professional Pet Behavior Consulting

Empathy, Education, and Individualized you can enjoy life with your pet. 

Are You Wondering What Your Pet’s Behaviors Mean?

Fewer things bring more joy than the love of an animal companion. It’s also deeply concerning when we don’t understand our pet’s behaviors.  You may be asking:

  • Why has my pet’s behavior suddenly changed? 

  • How can I help my pet feel less anxious or stressed?

  • Is this normal? Should I get help in dealing with my pet’s behaviors?

  • What sort of training does my new puppy need?

  • How do I know what solutions will work best for MY pet?

You don’t have to stay frustrated, confused, or hopeless. As a pet behavior consultant, I’m here to support you, understand your pet’s needs, and help you learn to better communicate with them. My goal is to help you find solutions so you can enjoy life with your pet.

About My Approach

My approach as a behavior consultant is simple: I believe that if you understand your pet, you’ll have a better relationship with them. All pet guardians deserve:

To be well-informed and well-equipped, not feel lost or overwhelmed by conflicting information found online. 


To know how to provide a healthy, happy, safe life for their pets. When you understand what your pet is trying to communicate with their behavior, you are better able to meet needs and enjoy life together.

To have practical strategies for solving common pet behavior concerns. I am committed to using trusted, evidence-based methods and helping you feel confident and comfortable implementing them.

Certificant badge for IAABC
Certificate of completion badge for Aggression in Dogs Master Course
Certificate of completion bade for Family Dog Mediation

Karen…understands what pups need to feel safe in their environment. Her methods were kind, self-esteem building, and realistic for our living situation… She was very thoughtful in observing [our dog’s] behaviors and made sure we were setting him up for situations where he could be successful….I would readily recommend Karen to any pet owners who are looking to improve both behavior and attitude and foster a healthy human/animal bond. 

Dog Behavior Client

Rhiannon C.

How Can I Help?

Kitten good expressions.JPG

Cat Behavior

Get help with uniquely feline behaviors. Learn how to:

  • Mediate conflicts between catsLess hissing, more purring.

  • Help shy or fearful catsSo they aren’t hiding under the bed all day.

  • Resolve litterbox issuesMinimize unexpected messes

  • Manage aggressionTo keep each member of your family safe. 


Cat behavior is a focus of my practice. Whether you have one cat or eight, I can help. 


Dog Behavior

Focus on building a relationship based on understanding, communication, and trust.

  • Get to the root cause of your dog’s behavior Understand why they keep chewing your shoes.

  • Learn how your dog’s breed can play a part in their behavior and temperamentwork with your dog’s genetics rather than against them.

  • Set realistic goals and implement manageable solutionsSet yourself and your dog up for success!

​I specialize in working with shy, under-socialized, and fearful dogs.


Puppy Foundations

Individualized attention for your puppy and focus on your specific concerns so you get off on the right paw together. Learn how to:

  • Get used to living together Set boundaries and build trust from the beginning. 

  • Identify and meet needsLearn what they may be trying to tell you  and how to help them when they’re panting, nipping, or barking.

  • Create an environment to foster success Establish potty training, feeding time, resting, and other routines. 

  • Teach crucial skills – Walking on a leash, playing gently, and greeting others and more! 


Karen gave us the tools to be able to have visitors and new people introduced to our dog in a way that would make him take his guard down and widen his circle of people he can trust. We have been through multiple trainers prior to Karen with no success, but instantly Karen proved to have a gift at helping our pup.

Dog Behavior Client

Kyle M.

Savannah and Miss T get along_edited.jpg

We were at our wits end, and had almost resigned ourselves to a future of two cats living completely separately in the same house. Your plan helped us re-introduce them in a way that they found meaningful, and now they are the very best of friends and cat-sisters.  Thank you so much for your help, guidance and kindness!

Cat Behavior Client

Bob A.

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