You are not alone.

I can empathize with the joys, the frustrations, the rewards, and the challenges of sharing our lives with pets.


There’s no greater joy than having a loving pet companion by your side to make your cares melt away for a few moments.


But when your pet’s behavior leaves you frustrated, confused, or hopeless, it can feel isolating. Others might not understand. You can get professional, compassionate help.  I will be By Your Side, helping you and your pet as you learn together.

How can I help?

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Cat Behavior

Get help with  uniquely feline behavior concerns including kitten socialization, cat introductions & re-integration, fearful cats, litterbox issues, aggression (toward you or another pet), and more. 

Whether you have one cat or eight, I can help.  


Dog Behavior

Sometimes it is challenging to understand why our dogs behave the way they do.   

I can help and set you both up for success in the future whether you are dealing with leash reactivity, jumping on people, resource guarding,  or other challenges. 

I specialize in working with shy, under-socialized, and fearful dogs. 

Conference Seating

Puppy Training

Start off on the right paw with your puppy! 

You will learn how to communicate clearly, kindly and effectively with your new puppy and understand what your puppy is telling you.  

Private one-on-one sessions allow us flexibility while we focus on your puppy and your specific concerns.

What People Say...

Cat Behavior Clients

Emily & Jack C.

Karen Plescia helped keep our family together.  She is a dedicated and compassionate [behavior consultant] for both animals and humans!” 

Puppy Training Client

Stephanie G.

Training with Karen gave us a lot of confidence in handling our puppy. ...We saw our puppy become more and more secure and comfortable. Karen is fun to work with, knowledgeable, patient, and practical in her approach.

Dog Behavior Clients

Rosaline & Randy H. 

Karen has been extremely helpful with our two pups. Her positive training tactics have helped us to both understand our pups better and to teach them to be happier, safer and more well behaved.