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Dog Behavior

My dog behavior services are designed to address behavior concerns that go beyond basic "manners" training for dogs of any age.  Resource guarding, leash reactivity to other dogs and/or people, fearful behavior, and adjusting to a new household member (human or pet) are a few examples of the types of issues I can help you understand and modify. My behavior modification plans and training take into account your unique circumstances and your dog's individuality.  

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Behavior Consultation

We start with an initial behavior consultation in your home (in-person or by video call) that lasts about an hour.   

During the consultation, we will talk more about the challenges you are experiencing with your dog. We will review your dog's medical and behavioral history, his/her daily routine and yours, and discuss your concerns and goals. This also gives me the opportunity to meet your dog and assess the environment. We may go over some things you can do immediately to improve the situation.  

All initial behavior consultations include a written report that summarizes:

  • my observations and assessment 

  • recommendations for managing and/or resolving your dog's challenging behaviors

  • opportunities for environmental modifications and enrichment 

  • additional resources as applicable


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Behavior Modification  Packages

I will recommend the number of sessions and frequency for meeting based on our discussion of your concerns and goals, other information you share and observations I make during the Initial Behavior Consultation.

When you purchase a package of sessions, you also get:​

  • Email and text support and feedback between training sessions

  • Access to relevant resources such as demonstration videos and virtual handouts (or printed if you prefer) 

In addition to structured coaching and training time with me, you will need to spend time each day working with your dog.  This commitment is a critical component of your dog's success.  




Single Coaching Session

Single sessions are available for clients and their pets who have completed an initial consultation, package of sessions, or any level of puppy lessons.   


Individual training or behavior modification sessions are available in-person or via video call and typically last 45-60 minutes.  



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