Cat Resources

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Welcome Home!

A new kitten or cat means lots of joy and love.  It also means preparation, life changes, and learning new skills. Here are some tips to get you and your pet off on the right paw. 

Cuddling Cats

Can We All Just Get Along?

Multi-cat households can be a unique challenge! These resources will help you learn ways to arrange the environment and implement strategies for peaceful co-existence.

cleaning a cat litter box

Think Inside the Box

"Accidents" outside of the litter box are one of the most common behavioral concerns for cat owners.  When your cat pees (or poops) outside of the litter box it isn't usually an "accident."  Learn about the reasons why and tips to resolve the issues here.  

Cat communicating through hissing

Learn to Speak "Cat"

Cats communicate primarily through body language and vocalizations.  These resources will help you learn to "speak cat." 

Photo Credit: Rudy Clark

Three Cats Playing

Opportunities for Natural Behavior

Cats, just like dogs, need both mental and physical stimulation.   

Enrichment should allow them to express their natural behaviors.  Get some great ideas on fun enrichment activities here.



Cats Being Cats

Here are some resources for some common cat challenges including scratching, vocalization, and stress during grooming/handling.