Women holding dog and bringing a new pet home

Welcome Home

A new kitten or puppy, cat or dog means lots of joy and love.  It also means preparation, life changes, and learning new skills.  

Here are some tips to get you and your pet off on the right paw. 

Photo Credit: Kayla Farmer,  Unsplash

Older dog Image by Sharon McCutcheon

Seniors Rock!

Senior pets have special needs.  These resources will help you better understand your aging pet's cognitive changes and how they may affect behavior. 

Photo Credit: Shannon McCutcheon, 


cleaning a cat litter box

Think Inside the Box

"Accidents" outside of the litter box are one of the most common behavioral concerns for cat owners.  When your cat pees (or poops) outside of the litter box it isn't usually an "accident."  Learn about the reasons why and tips to resolve the issues here.  

Cat communicating through hissing

Speak your Pet's Language

Cats and dogs communicate primarily through body language and vocalizations.  These resources will help you learn to speak dog and cat. 

Photo Credit: Rudy Clark

healthy and nutrituous dog treats

Natural Behavior

Cats and dogs need both mental and physical stimulation.   

Enrichment should allow them to express their natural behaviors.  Get some great ideas for both species here.


Dog hides under coffee table from thunde


Many dogs and even some cats struggle with fear and anxiety.  Common triggers include loud noises, doorbells, people, other animals, and even hands reaching toward them.

Learn to help them cope with their fear and feel safer.