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Cat Body Language Resources

Cats communicate using body language, body position, vocalizations, and with their behavior. Sometimes it is easy to know what our cats are "saying" but other signs are not so obvious. Improve your relationship with your cat by learning to speak her language.  

This resource from the HSUS is a short guide to help you decipher your cat's meows, chirps, and other body language signals.

Think cats only purr, meow, and hiss?  Guess again. Learn more about the range of feline range of vocalizations and what they mean here. 

This website contains helpful information, pictures, and illustrations that demonstrate cat body language (but also a lot of ads, sorry!)


Artist: Lili Chin


DSCN5803 - Copy.JPG

These little shelter kittens are saying a lot with their ears, eyes, and their body position.

Both may be expressing fear but communicating it in very different ways. 

Photo credit for both pictures: Rudy Clark

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