Enrichment Resources for Cats

Here are some of our favorite enrichment resources for cats and kittens. If you'd like some help coming up with individualized enrichment plans for your cats to fit their specific needs, you can click here to contact us and set up a free inquiry call. ​

  • This article from Preventative Vet has a lot of great information on cat enrichment! [Website link]

  • I love this site for fun ideas on how to feed cats in food puzzles. It has tips and links for DIY puzzles, puzzles for wet and dry food, videos, and lots more. [Website link]

Make sure to check out our other resource pages for cats for more help:

New Cat Resources

Litter Box Avoidance

Body Language

Multi-Cat Households

Other Challenges

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Laser points for cat play - yes or no? Find out from Karen here!

Here are some easy DIY cat enrichment activities from Karen that you can make for your kitty!