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Enrichment Resources for Cats

Enrichment meets the behavioral needs of an animal. It allows the animal to engage in species-normal behavior which has the benefit of reducing stress.  Keep in mind that every cat is an individual.  Take the time to discover what your cat wants, needs, and likes (and doesn't). Here are some of our favorite enrichment resources for cats and kittens. 

  • I like this site for fun ideas on how to feed cats in food puzzles, including DIY puzzles, puzzles for wet and dry food, videos, and lots more. 

  • Play is a great way to bond with your cat and, done properly, allows the cat to simulate their natural prey sequence.  This PDF from Dr. Mikel Delgado (and illustrated, of course, by Lili Chin) shows you how to engage your cat in hunting-like play.  


Another great graphic resource from artist Lili Chin.  Visit her website for more fun resources. 

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Here are some easy DIY cat enrichment activities from Karen that you can make for your kitty!

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