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Congratulations on bringing a puppy into you life.  Puppies are little sponges and their experiences at this age will impact them for the rest of their lives so it is wonderful that you are already thinking about training.  Enrolling in puppy training will help you have a better understanding of how to kindly and effectively communicate with your puppy so that he/she can learn what it means to be a "good dog" in your world.  

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Puppy Foundations

For puppies 9-16 weeks

It is important to start forming a bond and helping your puppy learn right away. Before we meet, you will receive resources to help you navigate this important time in your puppy's development.  During our sessions, you will learn to communicate clearly, kindly and effectively with your new puppy.  You will also learn to recognize your puppy's body language and subtle cues. 

The Puppy Foundations package is is customized to help you and your puppy learn how to live together successfully  - whatever that looks like for you. Some common topics that new puppy families find helpful are house training, managing normal  puppy biting, safe socialization, and attention.   

This package includes six private sessions (30-40 minutes each) which can be in-person at your home OR a hybrid of online and in-person training. 

By the end of Puppy Foundations, you and your puppy will have the foundation and tools to continue to learn together. 



Practical Puppy

For puppies with previous training, up to 12 months old

Learning is a lifelong activity for both you and your puppy. Once you have the foundation and the tools, you can start build a successful relationship which comes with practice!

The second level of puppy training consists of six weekly sessions (40 minutes) at your home or other locations as needed (e.g., park, veterinary office as allowed, etc.).  This package can also be in-person, virtual, or a hybrid of both.

During sessions, you will work on communicating expectations to your puppy clearly, consistently, and kindly. You will learn what it means to meet your dog's needs so that you can set him (and you) up for behavioral success. During sessions we will practice management, safety, and training in a variety of environments and with people and other dogs (as appropriate).

Individuals who have completed Puppy Kindergarten or other basic training courses elsewhere are welcome to enroll in Practical Puppy.  


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